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Bulksms Dynamic Gateway leading Bulksms Gateway Provider in chennai.Send messages online dynamic portal get offer high speed with clould based Sms services. Our Gateway is up 100% of the time. Guaranteed. It’s cloud based, and on a firm foundation. Built for speed and scale. We own it. We manage it. We support it. We know what’s happening, every second. We’ve invested in industrial scale, state-of-the-art infrastructure. That lets huge volumes fly through. High performance. No bottlenecks. No problems. It’s plugged right into the major Telco networks. Critical, time dependent messages are delivered in seconds. Guaranteed. Our Gateway automatically manages queues and routes for maximum speed. We already support throughput of 9 million messages a day. Soon that’ll be 50 million. We have multiple points of connection to the Internet through redundant data centres. We mirror everything. We’re covered in the event of an emergency. So if you have an emergency we won’t leave you behind. We’re built strong to avoid causing you the costs of loss.