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Web Based Bulksms Software Service

You can send text messages to any number of mobile phones while travelling abroad, in the office or at home with crbsms’s Web SMS service. Our Web SMS tool is quick and easy. Because it’s browser-based, our SMS online system will work from any computer. All you need to access our Web SMS service is Internet access and a compatible web browser.

Bulksms software service provider

Web Sms Tool Quick Ideas

Improve Sales promotions with Web Sms Tool

reach all your customers with a single click. Don't forget that a huge 98% of all text messages are read within five seconds of being sent!

Send a link to your mobile website

Most people use smartphones so why not boost traffic by texting a link to your mobile friendly website.

SMS Surveys

Surveys are a very effective way to obtain information from your contacts. Easily done through a text.

SMS Result Notifications

You can save time by uploading results in Excel format and sending bulk notifications automatically.

SMS Alerts

Send texts that alert your contacts about planned maintenance, upcoming events or the latest products and special offers.

SMS Greetings

Business works better with a human face, so sending a personal text on a special occasion can give your customers a warm, happy glow!

SMS Newsletters

Email inboxes are full of long, boring newsletters that never get read. Try texting out a snappy, concise newsletter for instant attention.

Instant marketing web sms Tool Provider

SMS Vouchers and coupons

Promote your products and increase customer loyalty by offering discount codes via text.

SMS reminders

Make sure appointments and bookings are kept with a simple text reminder.

Online texting features

Send bulk SMS

Make your SMS marketing a success with TextMagic´s online SMS software. All text marketing features are included in your package.

Schedule messages to be sent later

You can prepare your message and then schedule it to be sent the next day, the next month or even the next year! It's up to you.

Text message templates

Templates save time by allowing you to send the same message to multiple groups or subscribers.

Contacts and groups

EOur easily manageable online contacts databaseformat allows you to work withmanage thousands of contacts with just a few clicks. You can add, delete, move and archive. Group texting is easy with our specially developed contact management features.

Personalise your texts

Look more professional by merging custom fields and sending personalised texts to your customers.

Import contacts

Upload thousands of mobile numbers directly from Excel or any CSV file, then match fields in your import file to TextMagic online contacts.

Sent messages

Check your sent messages online; you can also verify delivery rate, print messages and download data.

Dynamic reply options

You can select suitable reply options before sending out text messages. For example, if you are sending to various target groups you may wish to display your own mobile number for friends, show your dedicated company number when contacting customers, or choose the shared reply number.

SMS inbox

You can access all your received SMS text messages online and send replies directly from your inbox. Valuable data from successful marketing campaigns can then be downloaded from your inbox for future use.

Export and print

Export any data and print what you need. You can export customer responses, export contacts and much more.

Mobile and tablet friendly

You don't have to access TextMagic from your desktop – we work just as well and look just as good on a laptop, tablet or mobile!