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Transactional Sms Validity Plan
Credits Cost Per Sms Rs Online Payment
10,000 0.30 3,000* Pay Now
50,000 0.20 10,000* Pay Now
1,00,000 0.15 15,000* Pay Now
5,00,000 0.14 70,000* Pay Now
10,00,000 0.135 1,35,000* Pay Now

* Template Guideline On DLT

Transactional Sms Pricing details

*18% GST Applicable.
Credits -1 for 160 characters.
Payment will be 100% in advance.

Sender ID Cost : Rs. 3,000

Transactional Sms Static Template

SMS template is a format of SMS in which you send the SMS to the user, it may be same for each user or may have variable content in it. The SMS goes strictly as per the approved template only, if you change the template even with one character then SMS will not go. Please read the example below for your reference.

Static SMS Template: The school will remain closed tomorrow due to heavy rain.

For the above mentioned static SMS example, you need to get the entire content approved and it is subject to approval from Snowebs & governing authorities.

Transactional Sms Dynamic Template

1) Dear XXXX ,To check your accounts pls visit on our site, Your TradeWeb Login ID XXXX Password XXXX.

2) Dear XXXX, Welcome to CRBSMS. Your Trading Code is XXXX Your e-mail id registered with us is XXXX.

  • Sender id min and max of 6 characters (only alphabets).
  • 24*7 delivery.
  • Live Realtime Delivery within 5 Min.
  • Messages will deliver to DND listed numbers.
  • *You are requested to share the SMS templates.(Its should be approved by gateway)
  • Request to Transactional Templates On DLT
  • * Template Guideline On DLT